Five reasons..

Why Amsterdam is your next favorite incentive destination.

Here is what you probably know: Amsterdam is a liberal city, rock ‘n roll city,  it rains a lot, everyone cycles and the city has more canals than Venice. It is easy to view Amsterdam in cliches, but venture beyond the rouge glow and find a dynamic metropolis with a village heart.

In the past couple of years Amsterdam has smartened up its act, with art galleries, stylish boutiques and buzzy cafes opening up. The big museums have reopened after years of improvements and the city is renowned for its thriving festival scene.

What is new to know? And why is Amsterdam your next incentive destination?

  1. Amsterdam’s Assets: Where can you go for a company escape that has world-renowned art museums, vibrant nightlife, cool upcoming neighborhoods ánd unique architecture?

Amsterdam Redefined’s choice: To make sure keeping all the participants of the group engaged and enthusiastic, creating an itinerary that includes the different aspects Amsterdam has to offer is key.

A tour through the Red Light District? Yes we can! Not the standard one but a tour where we enter a private house in the district to hear the incredible stories of the family who once lived here.

Only half an hour biking outside of Amsterdam you can enjoy the polder and windmill landscape. A whole different scenery and what’s more ‘Farm to Table’ than enjoying a lunch in between the grasslands and cows in a farmers garden?

  1. Small Village feeling: Flat, compact and easy walkable you get a fairly good overview of the city without using a lot of transfers.

Amsterdam Redefined’s choice: Instead of getting in and out of coaches bringing you from one activity or venue to another. Why not use Amsterdams finest asset and use a private boat on the canals as a transfer to get from A to B?

  1. Booming restaurant & hotel scene:

Amsterdam’s hotel scene is eclectic and characterful with a few new properties opening up each year and also existing hotels are smartening up their act. The Dutch food scene is enjoying a culinary renaissance and Amsterdam is fast becoming Europe’s most exciting and varied eating destination.

Amsterdam Redefined’s choice: Always looking for the best suitable hotel fitting the target group we love to use local hotel brands and international chain hotels alike. As the local government is banning coaches out of the centre, logistics are getting more and more a priority in order to give the guests the best experience.

  1. Where the party at?

There is no lack of festivals and festive days in Amsterdam. No matter what time of the year you visit there’s always something going on whether you’re into dance music, food or art. Gay Pride, Kings day, a thriving music festival scene in the summer..

Amsterdam Redefined’s choice: A once in a lifetime experience to incorporate one of the festivities into an itinerary for the young-at-heart groups. We arrange your private boat to be in the middle of it all or we make sure your group has their spot reserved on the VIP deck. For a group who likes it private, we know the perfect location to organise your own company festival.

  1. Good vibe city

Ranking in the top lists of the ‘Quality of living’ index and the ‘Work-life balance’ study we can conclude Amsterdammer’s, as the locals are referred to, figured out how to enjoy life. This is what you feel when visiting the city.

Amsterdam Redefined’s choice: Chatting with the miller of a windmill, meet the local retired policeman who spend his lifetime working in the city centre and shares his knowledge and amazing anecdotes. Listen to a passionate talk of a local artist who gives you a sneak peak in his gallery. We feel this is what creates lasting memories when traveling.


This is how you’ll summer in Amsterdam

“The rooftop terraces, hidden gardens and water adventures you require.”


Not your particular summer destination but with its sun-loving locals, flocking to the terraces together with the first sunbeams, we are definitely ready to fill up a nice and sunny weekend full of adventures.

The City’s Gin-tonics of the moment: are sipped on the lovely terrace of Morgan & Mees where the fashionable crowd chills out on lazy Sunday afternoons.

This summer, everyone will spend their morning: drinking coffee on the rooftops Amsterdam’s East-side has to offer. The rooftop of Restaurant Canvas on top of the golden oldie ‘Volkshotel’ to the newly opened rooftop ‘Nest’ at Hotel Casa.

Speaking of Amsterdam East: ‘Thuis aan de Amstel’ is a homely place we love, situated on the banks of the Amstel river with a huge garden. A little further down the street, the newest addition to the George restaurant family will open soon it’s doors: George Marina. Accessible by boat, fresh seafood and wine. What not to love?

Float that boat: Enjoying the canals from the water and fancy a shared boat ride? Skip the touristy big boats and join a boat tour with ‘Rederij Friendship’. Trendy boats, drinks on board and a fun guide who shares the city’s secrets.  

If you need a pool: Join the international crowd at Amsterdam’s only rooftop swimming pool at the W hotel. Beautiful views on the Royal palace will make this truly a memorable work out. (The pool can only be used by W guests)

If you like to dine in hidden gardens: Restaurant Lion Noir is still the way to go. We can’t think of any other restaurant in Amsterdam with such a beautiful, secluded, leafy garden.

For some open air theatre and music: Head to the Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s version of Central Park, where each weekend you can find live performances of musicians, dance and festivals. Entry is free, unfortunately their website is in Dutch but their agenda is pretty straight forward.