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What can I say? Many thanks for the fantastic work you guys did over the past days. It was an immense pleasure working with you, and I’m sure Jenny would have loved to meet you, too.

Everything went perfectly thank you so much for organizing such helpful hosts, and such a well organized, well co-organized itinerary, it could not have gone better. Thank you to you and your team again!!

We could not have asked for better partners when working with Amsterdam Redefined. Their professionalism, creativity, knowledge and communication with vendors led to our annual Summit being a huge success. They not only followed through on direct requests, but were able to offer solutions and alternatives, both during the pre-planning process and once on site. We truly wish we could work with them each year, but as our meeting moves from city to city, we will have to count the days until we are back in Amsterdam!

The feedback I have received couldn´t be better!!!!!!  Everybody is super happy with the result of all activities and the dinner. You did a great job and I won´t hesitate to recommend you!!!!!!
Thank you once again for all your support and your kindness! Hope to see you in a very near future.

I really enjoyed the collaboration with Amsterdam Redefined, as they were fast in answering and helpful even with last minutes request. They organized a team event, which was very much appreciated by the participants, I can only recommend their services.

I want to thank you from all my heart for your fantastic support and your extraordinary customer care. Your dedication and goodwill is not at all taken for granted and you have our utmost appreciation and respect!

I was recommended Amsterdamredefined as I had a client, a small family that wanted to do ”the” Weekend in Amsterdam and discover fun things for the kid. We ended up with a more than packed package including skating lessons with professionals, creating of your own skateboards, biking, boating and so much more including the best sites in Amsterdam today. Restaurants were handpicked and the overall organization was perfect with an itinerary, easy to follow. Always with a helping and on site. Thank you Amsterdamredefined for reading the clients through me so fast. We put this program together with practically no changes along the way. And the clients loved their stay!

My husband and I really had the most amazing time in Amsterdam. You have set up a really incredible company – the people you work with are all genuine, interesting and special. I did not know a flower auction could be so interesting but it was and people should totally do this. Our guide, Eva – oh my God, I was so moved by her. And Jamie – love him! And loved seeing outside of Amsterdam. We learned so much, and I think its very rare for people to see this side of Amsterdam, so I am happy that I can now provide this for our travellers, thanks to you.

Amsterdam Redefined has proofed to be an added value during the last management team meeting in Amsterdam. They ensured that all the international participants had a well-organized, professional and enjoyable stay during their business trip in Amsterdam. We received positive feedback from our clients of their stay. We could focus on running our business, while Amsterdam Redefined went the extra mile for us by being there every step of the way. Clear and 24/7 communication, flexible, creative and strong commitment – Amsterdam Redefined is highly recommended!

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