| Why us |

Amsterdam, a city with the mind of a metropolis and the heart of a town. The city we now call our home after having seen all ends of the world. The city we now never want to leave. We couldn’t be more excited to show you this vibrant and picturesque city and give you an Amsterdam experience that will leave you with stories for a lifetime.

So why us?

We have built Amsterdam Redefined’s service around three F’s: Fast, Flexible and Flawless.

Fast: We always aim to get back to you as soon as possible (within the hour) and you will enjoy personal, 24/7 connectivity to one of us directly — and don’t worry, even if one of us is sleeping, the other one will take the call!

Flexible: Whatever you want we will aim to make it happen. We will never say “No we can’t….” We are there for you, no matter how many times you want to change plans or amend reservations.

Flawless: We want your Amsterdam experience to be flawless. To make that happen we continuously improve and strive for perfection. Your event is our main priority.